Park Cities People | The Dinosaurs Have Arrived

By June 21, 2018November 20th, 2019In The News

There’s something about dinosaurs that ignite my inner child.

The minute the doors to the Perot Museum of Nature and Science’s newest exhibit, Ultimate Dinosaurs, slid open my neurons began to fire and I wanted to read, touch, and explore everything on display. Lucky for me – and the actual children – there was a lot I could touch and explore.

Dubbed the Summer of Dinosaurs (Yes, that’s official. Mayor Mike Rawlings said so), the traveling Ultimate Dinosaurs exhibit officially makes its Texas debut Saturday, June 23.

Members of the press were invited Thursday for what I assume was an opportunity to test out some seriously cutting-edge technology that brought to life 20 exotic breeds – from the tiny Eoraptor to T. rex’s bigger, badder cousin, Giganotosaurus – that thrived only in the southern hemisphere.

The best part, no time machine was required.

Presented by Highland Capital Management, Ultimate Dinosaurs features full-sized skeletons, plus life-sized video projections of the creatures, interactive games, au

gmented-reality viewers, and more.

At the preview event, Thomas Surgent, the chief compliance officer with Highland Capital Management, said the exhibit made him “feel like a kid again.”

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