FundFire | Healthcare, Emerging Markets Most in Demand for Hedge Investors

By May 8, 2019January 27th, 2020In The News

Highland Capital Management’s Nate Burns, managing director and healthcare portfolio manager, comments on the investor demand for healthcare strategies in an article from FundFire.

Hedge fund investors are turning their attention in the hunt for alpha to emerging markets and healthcare strategies, ranking them among their top preferences, according to a new report.

…An aging population and rising healthcare costs form a backdrop of investment opportunities in the space, says Nate Burns, a healthcare portfolio manager at Highland Capital. Those fundamentals in the U.S. have helped drive interest from international investors and caused Highland to raise special purpose vehicles, he adds.

“It’s a good fundamental backdrop, but you have to have the expertise on where to deploy capital,” he says, adding that public equities and managed care are areas of interest for Highland…

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