CNBC Stock Blog | Best investment ideas in this ‘stock picker’ market

By August 16, 2013August 26th, 2014In The News

With the Fed’s taper plans looming, investors can expect more big declines after the latest market sell-off, but that could create opportunities for stock pickers, top strategists told CNBC on Friday.

A long/short investment strategy can be highly profitable with an environment of heightened volatility, Mark Okada, co-founder and CIO at Highland Capital, said Friday on “Squawk Box.”

“There is a lot of money that needs to be repriced and move into different places,” Okada said. He also suggested that retail investors look into buying bank debt through ETFs or managed funds as broad economic factors improve.

In addition, Okada sees “dislocation” in the fixed income space. In such a situation, individual muni bonds can be a “great buy” when supported by underlying economic strength in local areas like Texas. However, it can be difficult for retail investors to have the needed perspective to make the right choices in the muni market, so putting money with an active manager could help.

Long-term, Okada is positive on the economy, but he called expectations of a calm market response to the start of the Federal Reserve’s tapering of easy money a “fairy tale.”

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